CSE Announces Sustainable and CSR Practitioner Training for U.S Market

June 8, 2009

Inaugural U.S. Launch, CSE’s 2-day Intensive Workshop at
Kimpton Hotels – Hotel Monaco in Chicago, IL September 1 – 2, 2009

For centuries, ancient Greece has set the standard for roads, structures and detailed architecture which continues to influence today’s building models. Founded as a culture of sustainability, the Greeks recognize the significance of creating lasting foundations. By definition, culture is the development, improvement and cultivation of ideas. The 21st century evolving culture is the understanding and application of sustainability for the advancement for corporations to become socially responsible companies. Aligning itself with its Greek culture of sustainability is the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) with its global network of partners that have made them Europe’s leading sustainability and strategic consulting organization.

According to a recent study by the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), almost 90 percent of the U.S. population believes it is important for companies to not just be profitable, but to be mindful of their impact on the environment and society. Just over 70 percent of consumers state that knowing a company is mindful of their impact on the environment and society makes them more likely to buy their products or services, and almost 50 percent indicates it makes them more likely to buy their stock.[1]

Exemplifying social and environmental responsibility, the September workshop is 100 percent carbon neutral. All CO2 emissions of participating professionals driving or flying to Chicago, will be calculated and off-set by carbon credits purchased through Native Energy.

Specializing in sustainable development solutions for corporations, CSE is launching their inaugural North American Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) certification workshop, a unique two day intensive program for executives and sustainability professionals to acquire the skills and competencies required to grow and to become qualified CSR practitioners. Corporate Social Responsibility can increase efficiency and be cost-effective in a growing, developing, and highly competitive industry that is dramatically shifting standards and priorities in strategic development. The workshop will be hosted by world-renowned sustainability pioneers and experts in Chicago, Illinois at Kimpton Hotels – Hotel Monaco, September 1-2, 2009.

Managing Director of Centre for Sustainability and Excellence in North America, Nick Andrews stated “The Centre for Sustainability and Excellence’s mission to coach and support Organizations, Governments, and Society in making a sustainable difference in the world was inspired by the timeless Greek philosophy and culture that continues to influence areas of study today. With a Greek heritage for sustainable developments, CSE is bringing this vision to the United States to improve businesses and make positive impacts on our world.”
“Our first workshop in North America represents the culmination of years of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability experience of CSE in the European and International markets, having worked with more than 4,000 professionals in 12 countries . The September workshop will provide opportunities for companies to build authenticity and have CSR practitioners certified by CSE and the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), the well known international institute for environmental training,” commented Nikos Avlonas ,President of CSE and one of the Workshop Trainers with extensive International experience in Strategic Sustainable Development Advisory Services .

The CSR Practitioner’s workshop is certified by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), and is designed for all professionals responsible for the management of CSR, Marketing, and Public Relation activities. General Managers, Public Relations Managers and Sustainability and Environmental Professionals will advance their CSR understanding, acquire the skill and knowledge that will bring added value and authenticity to their company, and also earn an official business qualifications.
The ultimate goal of the first CSE workshop in North America is to provide the tools and training that will instill the growing importance of corporate social responsibility into company strategy and also help them demonstrate ethical business practices. This will in turn build corporate and community recognition in sustainable business through the examination of current best practices. With specialized, detailed and highly focused training, the CSE workshop will cover:

  • CSR & Sustainable Development Concepts
  • Global Warming & Climate Change Issues
  • Future trends & legislation in the U.S. & Worldwide on Corporate Responsibility
  • The Stakeholder Approach & CSR
  • CSR Communication & Reporting
  • Global Standards/Models/Guidelines & Tools for practical CSR integration (GRI, UN Global Compact, EFQM)
  • A CSR Action Plan for your organization (prerequisite for CSR practitioner Qualification)

To improve your organizations’ and/or institutions’ corporate social responsibility and bring positive impact and added value for all stakeholders, enroll in CSE’s First North American Workshop at www.cse-northamerica.org

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