CSE celebrates 6 years of Executive Sustainability Education in North America

June 23, 2015

CSE celebrates 6 years of Executive Sustainability Education in North America. In these 6 years more than 800 executives from leading organizations including NASA, Coca Cola, Walmart, Timberland, Cigna were certified as sustainability professionals.

Additionally, professionals from 3 continents, North America, Europe & Middle East, joined our latest global event in NYC in order to become certified & recognized as CSR Practitioners by CSE and the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). The latest CSE’s Advanced Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Training, was held in New York, 18-19 June 2015 and Bahar Gidwani, Co-founder and CEO of CSRHub, was a keynote speaker.

Nikos Avlonas, CSE president comment “We are very proud to have contributed in the Sustainability movement in North America, providing advanced education to more than 1000 Professionals from FORTUNE 500 companies and other organizations”.

CSE is now preparing for the next global Advanced Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Trainings (IEMA Approved) which will focus on GRI G4 reporting, recent trends, legislation and other hot issues on sustainability.

Next Stops:

• Washington DC, September 24-25 (Limited seats available)
• Atlanta, Georgia, November 16-17
• London, UK, October 15-16

Register early for Washington DC and benefit from our 10% early bird discount, until August 24.

For a step-by-step introduction to Sustainability CSR and unique knowledge in a simple and practical way, you can follow CSE’s online course.

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