CSE is now present in Sustainable Business Magazine!

August 21, 2014

We have recently partnered with Sustainable Business Media in order to help spread awareness of Sustainability issues and current CSR affairs through our global IEMA certified trainings. Read our CEO’s editorial here for an in-depth overview of the market conditions and what organisations should focus on when integrating CSR into their long-term strategy and vision.

Sustainable Business Magazine helps to spread awareness of the values of sustainability, as well as the brilliant ways in which institutions continue to meet challenges and champion corporate social responsibility. The publication’s content is based around the three core components of sustainable business development: economic sustainability, environmental sustainability, and social sustainability.

For information on featuring your institution’s sustainable success story within Sustainable Business Magazine, please email info@sustainablebusinessmagazine.net.

For information on CSE’s upcoming trainings, please visit this page or contact us at sustainability2@cse-net.org

In the meantime, for practical guidance on developing and implementing the correct CSR strategies, join our free webinar on “HowTo Create Successful Sustainability Strategies: A Step By Step Approach” on Thursday, 28th August 2014 at 10am EDT or 3pm GMT

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