CSE strategically partners with Water Revolution Foundation (WRF) for Shipping and Yachts.

December 12, 2019

CSE aims to meet the needs of the Shipping sector to adopt sustainable tactics through its strategical partnership with Water Revolution Foundation (WRF). With the headquarter offices located in Amsterdam, WRF represents all the top yacht and super yachts manufacturers. CSE will support its partner to create a code of conduct, based on international standards on Sustainability Development as well as the demands of International Maritime Organization (IMO), which also apply in seagoing shipping.

Yachting sector is one of the largest industries, worth of 75 billion dollars globally, that has made a significant progress during the last years. Through this partnership, CSE will define any emerging needs on sustainable development issues not only in this promising industry but in shipping overall. Its goal is to offer integrated strategic proposals that will be specialized and customized to the sectors’ needs.

Cooperation started in the middle of November during Superyacht Forum in Amsterdam, where yacht manufacturers as well as suppliers (marines, engine manufactures, etc.) attended the certified sustainability practitioner program delivered by CSE. Next open certified sustainability program that will take place in Europe is in London, March 12-13  2020 and in Brussels, June 25-26 2020.

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