CSE Supports the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen

October 25, 2009

In 2012, the Kyoto Protocol to prevent climate change and global warming runs out. There is thus an urgent need for a new climate protocol. The 2009 Conference in Copenhagen will enable all related stakeholders to meet for the last time, at Government level, before the climate agreement needs to be renewed. Therefore, the efforts by the Danish Government and UNFCC are critical in order to assure an effective outcome, via the issuance of a Copenhagen Protocol to prevent global warming and climate change.

The Centre for Sustainability & Excellence (CSE), as a leading advising and training organisation specialised in providing globally sustainable development solutions, actively supports the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen and looks forward to reaching an agreement to combat climate change. Such an agreement will set the ground for a comprehensive implementation of collaborative actions, originating from active stakeholder engagement.  Nowadays, companies are expected to operate under a sustainable corporate strategy as a necessary prerequisite for a sustainable future. Within that framework, CSE is committed to prioritizing actions, which will raise awareness on the detrimental effects of carbon emissions, as well as stimulating the interest of public and private organisations to design strategies towards the steady reduction of their carbon footprint.

CSE’s vision is to operate in a world with zero emissions and globalize sustainability via the design and the application of practical tools and methodologies.

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