“Happy 8th Birthday Centre for Sustainability and Excellence”

February 22, 2013

The Centre for Sustainability & Excellence (CSE), established in 2004, celebrates 8 years of Responsible and International activity! Within 8 years CSE has expanded around the world and currently operates additional offices in Chicago and Brussels.  Throughout its establishment CSE has continuous activity in 4 continents and 25 countries and a striking portfolio with more than 80 clients including companies from Fortune 500, large institutions and organizations. More specifically, CSE has trained more than 5,000 executives, 400 CSR Practitioners, whilst simultaneously developing innovative case studies & services from  industries ranging from energy to telecommunications and retail.

Consequently, Centre for Sustainability (CSE) having both successful educational programs for Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainable Development and specialized professional consulting services, covers the needs in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. In turn, CSE has created many trends internationally on CSR, while actively participating in the forums and the public consultation on CSR, which has undoubtedly resulted in its gaining considerable prestige and recognition.

Noteworthy is that in 2012 CSE announced the expansion of its activities in Japan and Canada with dozens of leading Fortune 250 companies, and having clients such as RIM (Blackberry), ABM, and Lincoln Financial Group. Furthermore, CSE expanded its consulting services on the field of energy savings and Green Building Certification through internationally recognized standards.

The Globalization of Corporate Responsibility and its value as a competitive advantage for businesses are now a realized and the Centre for Sustainability (CSE) serves faithfully and successfully this purpose, aiming to offer a full range of services and solutions for all existing needs and those bound to emerge.

CSE success goes “hand in hand” with its prestigious partners such as the GRI, IEMA, myclimate, Workshop Marketing ALARM (University of Economics), which have certainly been key strategic partners in expanding the notion of sustainable development!

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