How can Miami benefit from CSE training?

November 26, 2019

The Center for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) is expanding Sustainability Training and Consulting Services to Miami, Florida. These days, greater Miami is also positioning itself as a global leader in resilience and sustainability, approaching it from all fronts. It is clear that Miami has taken some important steps involving funding, regulations, policy and program implementation to enhance sustainability.

Local and state-level authorities have committed to implementing and spending on infrastructure improvements, pump stations and repairing sea walls. Educational organizations, the scientific community, the private sector, non-profits and citizens take the lead in achieving environmental sustainability. Building a more resilient and sustainable Miami is not a “one man job” though.


East coast issues include climate change and sea-level rise, water resources, city growth and management and applying ESG (environment, social, governance) principles to the region.  CSE trainings start and finish by making the business case for sustainability. If a company cannot advance financially, they can’t help their community of stakeholders. Investor relations are key! Employees need to understand this as well as employers do.


CSE marks more than a decade in providing high caliber certified education on sustainability and corporate responsibility worldwide for C-suite executives & Sustainability (CSR) Managers who want to maximize their company’s impact and become qualified with the latest knowledge in the field.

An important CSE strategy is to meet corporations where they are. From construction to Silicon Valley, from banking to telecommunications, CSE has developed meaningful relationships with both SME’s and large corporations.  Over the past 10 years, more than 6,500 executives from leading organizations including Google, NASA, Coca-cola, Timberland, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, L’Oréal, ExxonMobil, Hartford, T-Mobile, Procter & Gamble, Tridel and Macy’s were certified as sustainability professionals by the Center for Sustainability and Excellence.


Not everyone has the time or the money to spend four years earning a sustainability degree.  Informed employees, aware students, corporate leaders who understand the fundamentals are needed immediately!  Modules on Local Legislation, Global Standards and Future Trends provide critical foundational knowledge.

In 2020 we have added Miami, in January 16-17 to our rotation of trainings.  Others include New York, Atlanta and Toronto. Senior managers and VPs from more than 90% of the FORTUNE 500 have attended our programs.  They join over 1500 Certified Sustainability Practitioners from over 50 countries all over the world.

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