Leading speakers from NASA JSC in the new advanced Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program in Houston, TX

March 29, 2016

CSE successfully delivered the 24th and 25th of March in Houston, Texas the Advanced Edition 2016 of the global Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program and brought together professionals, eager in further developing and enhancing their business strategies though CSR frameworks.

Leading Guest speakers from NASA, Laurie Peterson, Certified Sustainability Practitioner and NASA’S Sustainability Champion since 2012 as well as the new Sustainability Champion at Johnson Space Center, Stacy Shutts, discussed NASA’s commitment to sustainability and the model followed as well as the sustainability evolution at Johnson Space Center in Houston.

During the workshop the results of the latest CSE study “Sustainability Reporting Trends in North America” were presented and discussed for the very first time and enabled participants to rethink current business models and operational frameworks.

CSE is now preparing for the next Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Trainings (IEMA Approved) which will focus on GRI G4 reporting, recent trends, legislation and other hot issues on sustainability.

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