Materiality based on new GRI G4 guidelines and Social Return on Investment introduced in CSE’s Advanced Certified Sustainability Training in Houston

February 13, 2014

Houston, February 11 – The Center for Sustainability and Excellence’s Advanced Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Training last week proved to be a huge sold-out success for the fifth year running. Participants from leading organizations worldwide, including Coca-Cola, United States Postal Services, ABM and NASA, an organization that attended our training for the very first time, joined CSE in the so-called “Space City” (Houston) and actively engaged with another on the most trending sustainability topics.

During this challenging two-day training course participants were mostly engaged on the topic of Social return on investment (SROI) and stakeholder engagement. Additionally, CSE, recognizing the rising importance of materiality assessment added for the very first time a completely new module focusing exclusively on how to do materiality assessment and stakeholder engagement according to the new GRI G4 Guidelines and introduced new case studies, tips on how to create a more sustainable supply chains and the importance of external assurance.

Among the best moments of the training, was the presentation of the guest speaker Roy Conn, Global Sustainability Coordinator of the Huntsman International Corporation and Certified Sustainability CSR as well as Carbon Strategy Practitioner by CSE, who informed the attendees about the sustainability challenges his organization has faced, how he managed them and the ways CSE’s certified training has helped him solve them in an effective manner. This presentation served as a great example of how participants can make the best out of this training, and how they can utilize its resources to solve any sustainability difficulties their organization might encounter.

Interested in becoming the next certified sustainability practitioner and find out new ways to drive success to your organization? Do not wait any longer. Register now for CSE’s next Advanced Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Training in Toronto, April 24-25 and New York, June 2-3.

For more information contact, Victoria Karkouli at or at 312-214-6464.

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