Open CSE Roundtable Discussion in Washington D.C. Focusing on Sustainability and Green Marketing

September 1, 2010

“Green Marketing vs. Green Washing: Even good intentions in marketing are being met with lawsuits and regulatory fines.”

The Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) is proud to present its 4th unique Sustainability Roundtable event in collaboration with the Sustainable Business Network of Washington (SBNOW), titled “Green Marketing vs. Green Washing: Even good intentions in marketing are being met with lawsuits and regulatory fines.”
Nick Andrews, Managing Director of CSE comments,

“The discussion will seek to clarify best practices in Green Marketing and how to avoid the dangers of Green Washing. False or loose ‘green’ claims made by companies regarding the environmental impacts of their products or services do not necessarily involve a purpose to deceive. Being guilty of ‘Green Washing’ can depend greatly on what the consumers perceive the green claim of products or services to mean”.

Come hear industry and regulatory experts discuss how to avoid the pitfalls of green washing and create a strategy for communicating the environmental impacts of your company’s products and services. Nikos Avlonas, founder and Managing Director of CSE Europe, and John Friedman, founding board member of SB NOW, will lead the roundtable with participation from experts with decades of experience in helping organizations align the Triple Bottom Line at the strategic and operational level.
The roundtable is open to all business professionals involved in Sustainability and Green Business and will be held on September 14th at 5:30pm following Day 1 of CSE’s Accredited Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Workshop (IEMA Approved) scheduled to run through to the 15th of September at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center – 5000 Seminary Road, in Alexandria, Virginia.

As a global leader in corporate sustainability, having trained over 5,000 managers and directors on sustainability, corporate responsibility, stakeholder engagement and quality management, CSE’s IEMA Approved course will introduce leading international frameworks and guidelines for implementing sustainability to enhance financial and non-financial performances of an organization. The course also offers professionals the opportunity to earn an official business qualification in Sustainability and achieve Certified CSR Practitioner (CSR-P) status.

For greater insight on how you can improve your corporate or organizational Sustainability, listen to CSE recent feature on VOICE AMERICA’s Trust Across America with Jordan Kimmel, where Nick Andrews discusses Building Stakeholder Engagement, just one of many factors that influence the success of Green Marketing.

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