President of CSE joined as a Keynote Speaker on the Return on Sustainability (RoS) Concept at the Latin American CSR Conference hosted by CEMEFI

April 4, 2011

Nikos Avlonas President and founder of Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) was a key note speaker at the CSR Latin American conference organized by CEMEFI at Mexico City on March 30th 2011.

During the conference, more than 800 participants across Latin American discussed challenges and trends of CSR and Sustainability including leading companies such as CEMEX, WALMART, GENOMA LAB, HP L’Oreal, BBVA, and Telefonos de Mexico.

Nikos Avlonas addressed the challenges of Sustainability and the Return on Sustainability (RoS) concept, mentioning that there is a need for a clear business case for Sustainability with objectives and measures identifying Return for all CSR /Sustainability Investments.

In further detail, he underlined that the RoS Concept introduced by CSE two years ago may contribute more to the environment, community and workforce if organizations understand and measure the benefits of this approach. The RoS concept has been implemented by pioneering organizations such as the Lloyds Banking Group and European Investment Bank.

Nikos Avlonas pointed out, “Sustainability is a new business model and not just ad hoc initiative, with long term strategic benefits for organizations to realize”.

The Centre for Sustainability, in an effort to spread best practice and techniques for achieving RoS will also be in Dallas, Texas on May 17th at the TIA 2011: Inside the Network Conference. CSE will deliver intensive workshops on Life Cycle Assessment & Sustainable Supply Chain Strategy to help the telecommunications and ICT industries to address the challenges of security, reliability and sustainability of the Network. TIA 2011: Inside the Network is a unique physical and virtual event focused on bringing together the telecommunications and information and communications technology (ICT) industries to confront the challenges of security, reliability and sustainability of the Network.

After Texas, the team is headed for New York between June 22nd and 23rd to deliver its on-going Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Training: designing and implementing effective CSR strategies and reports. At the end of the workshop professionals have the opportunity to complete Final Assignment which qualifies them for certification. Upon successful completion, professionals gain a CSR-P Certification and CSR-P Seal. By maintaining high levels of confidence among stakeholders and adopting business transparency, CSR Practitioners enable organizations to achieve excellence and actively promote social responsibility across the Triple Bottom Line.

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