The first climate neutral MTV concert in Greece in association with the CSE

October 8, 2008

With the aim of protection of the environment and raising awareness MTV Greece in association with the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE is a Greek organization with tremendous international expertise) and the Swiss organization myclimate, organized on October 5th 2008 the first Climate Neutral Concert in Greece, that was also broadcasted to several European countries.

CSE calculated the GHG emissions that were produced during the concert and offset the pollution emitted based on international standards and issued a climate neutral certificate for the MTV concert.

It is worthy to mention that CSE, in scientific cooperation with the Swiss not for profit organization myclimate, have implemented a plethora of activities in Greece and worldwide for the reduction of environment impacts due to CO2 emissions.

In parallel CSE has also proceeded with several activities for the correct awareness of the public and business professionals as well as advice to events, conferences specialized trainings as well as the creation of Climate Neutral products and services for companies within Greece and abroad.

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