Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior Named for Europe and Middle East

June 22, 2011

Trust Across America™ (TAA), setting a standard for trustworthy business behavior, and the Centre for Sustainability & Excellence (CSE), a leading global advisory and coaching organization providing sustainability solutions, have selected 2011’s “Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior in Europe and the Middle East”. These people collectively represent a group that can genuinely transform and reverse the cycle of mistrust in business.

Nikos Avlonas, President of CSE said: “I am truly honored to be involved in an initiative which recognizes individuals who attempt to bring change in a constructive and sustainable way, especially today where the financial and social crises in Europe and Middle East have a significant impact on the economy and society”.

The full list of honorees can be found at

The Top 100 Thought Leaders represents the culmination of research exploring personal efforts and accomplishments within the framework of social, environmental and economic sustainability. TAA and CSE sought the counsel of and requested nominations for this honor from professionals across the world. The list was narrowed through an extensive vetting process.

According to Barbara Kimmel, “These individuals are inspiring organizations to look more closely at their higher purpose…to create greater value for, and trust from, all of their stakeholders. We congratulate all of the honorees whose work is shining a spotlight on the importance of trustworthy business behavior and providing a model for others to emulate.”

Trust Across America™ (TAA) is a program of Next Decade, Inc., an award-winning communications firm that has been unraveling and simplifying complex subjects for over 20 years. TAA has developed the only holistic trust “standard” and index for public companies that can be used as a framework to improve trustworthy business practices. TAA also showcases individuals and organizations that are exhibiting high levels of trust and integrity.

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