5th Open Sustainability Roundtable

November 30, 2010

“Green Marketing and Materiality”

As global stakeholders, we are witnessing an exciting phenomenon occurring, that is the realization and prioritization of Sustainability as a key business driver to create value.  As the concept of Corporate Sustainability evolves, and we better understand its role in business, we must be able to answer the following question.  How do we support a rigorous process to assure and verify accurate measurements and reporting?

In a new era of Corporate Sustainability, stakeholders are holding corporations to a new standard of accountability. The Federal Trade Commission is in the process of enforcing laws to protect consumers from confusing environmental claims, as it is releasing Green Marketing Guidelines. Financial stakeholders are demanding corporate sustainability reporting to be even more relevant and targeted, to include only issues and performance data material to the key stakeholders of the corporation.

Join the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) to discuss the next step in Corporate Sustainability with a focus on Green Marketing, Materiality, and the new FTC Guidelines. Contributors will include Susan McPherson (Fenton Communications), Nikos Avlonas (CSE), Joe Aamidor (Enablon Solutions), Aman Singh (Vault.com), Joe Sibilia (CSRwire) and Charlie Green (Trust Across America).

This roundtable is provided by CSE as part of the Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Workshop to be held in New York City, NY at the Beacon Hotel – December 2-3 2010. Professionals also wishing to register for the Workshop will gain an opportunity to earn an official business qualification in Sustainability and achieve a Certified CSR Practitioner (CSR-P) status.

At present, more than 130 CSR Practitioners from 5 continents and over 19 countries have received this qualification and as a result, a career progression! Our CSR Practitioners are making a substantial difference in implementing sustainability to enhance financial and non-financial performances of organizations such as the World Business for Sustainable Development, Oracle, Baxter, CYTA, Mercedes Benz, Shell, Sara Lee, Baker Hughes, Whole Foods, North Face, Vanity Fair, Entrepreneur.

“Sustainability offers solutions to facilitate greater trust in business by applying fundamental principles to core business values and operations that will generate clear indications of how credible these claims are. As a result there is greater transparency between facts and claims, thus enabling consumers to see an alignment between the brand identity and products of a business.” – Nick Andrews, Managing Director, CSE North America

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