Awarded Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Challenge 2013

July 22, 2013

Calling all CSP-Practitioners

We are proud to announce for the 2nd year running the initiative “Awarded Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Challenge”. This project began in 2011 by CSE in aiming to recognize your contribution as a Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner within your organization, or an organization you are working closely for, towards a Sustainable Future.

This award is based upon your personal involvement or initiatives in projects concerning Sustainability (CSR). CSE wishing to recognize and show case your engagement, challenges you to compete and be awarded among other Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioners in your region! Check out last year’s winners here

So, take a minute and ask yourself:

  •   Have you been involved in a sustainability initiative which benefited your organizations and had a positive impact to your stakeholders?
  •   Are you leading a program that is innovative and is exceeding the expectations of your stakeholders (e.g customers, employees, community)?
  •   Has your contribution to a sustainability (CSR) project resulted recognition for your organization?

Benefits of Storytelling?

Once Awarded you will be featured in all our CSR partnerships (including CSRwire), CSE’s next Press Release and Newsletter reaching more than 10,000 sustainability related contacts globally, as well as gaining a complementary seat in one of our future trainings in 2013. In addition to the above, a congratulations letter will be posted to your CEO about your recognition.


More information needed?
Contact Elisabeth Lincoln ( to receive an application for the Awards, and simply submit by September 25th, 2013

Not a Certified CSR-Practitioner yet?

Attend one of our IEMA approved Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Trainings:

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