Connecting the Dots: CSE Launches the GRI Certified G4 Bridging Training!

June 13, 2013

Athens, July 19, 2013

In May 2013, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) published the 4th version of its Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (G4). The mega launch in Amsterdam was attended by more than 1600professional dedicated to responsible business, including CSE CEO & team on the ground.

So, for those interested in using the G4 Guidelines as soon as possible, CSE will be delivering the GRI Certified G4 Bridging Module, with the first launch taking place in Athens, July 19!

This 1-day training program focuses on the major differences between G3/3.1 and G4 and enables participants to continue their sustainability path more efficiently and in alignment with the new GRI G4 Guidelines. It has been designed for experienced GRI reporters aimed exclusively for those that have a G3/G3.1 certificate.

G4 represents an important shift in sustainability reporting and GRI is currently developing the Certified training on G4 Guidelines. The “Certified GRI G4 Training on Reporting” is expected to be available around November 2013.

You can also take a sneaky peak here to find out why the G4 represents an important shift in sustainability reporting and discover how it benefits your organization’s materiality. For other CSR & Sustainability trainings please click here.

CSE is an official GRI Partner for the Middle East and Greece.
CSE is a global Sustainability (CSR) strategic advisor and training organization providing in-house and open trainings that meet the needs and requirements of every industry and the business activities of every organization. CSE has trained more than 5,000 high profile professionals from prestigious organizations across 30 countries and 5 continents working with leading companies such as Lloyds Bank Group, HSBC, Coca Cola, Mc Cain, Heineken, The Savola Group, Nestle and Papaellinas.

For additional information please contact:
Global Trainings & Partnership Manager
Aglaia Ntili
T:+ 30 210 8085 565

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