The Center for Sustainability (CSE) has created an innovative strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and scorecard at the European Investment Bank (EIB)

June 15, 2010

The Center for Sustainability (CSE) recently completed the CSR Strategy and innovative CSR Scorecard for the European Investment Bank (EIB).

CSE, with its specialized knowledge and years of experience, designed an innovative and advanced tool to record the performance of the organization on issues of corporate social responsibility (CSR Scorecard). This tool is associated with the objectives set by EIB for Responsibility and relates objectives with measureable results supporting the Return on Sustainability concept. More specifically, the CSR Scorecard consists of multiple Key Performance Indicators for measuring CSR performance of the organization based on international standards and strategic objectives.

Felismino Alcarpe, Director of CSR at EIB, comments:
“The European Investment Bank has been preparing a Corporate Social Responsibility Scorecard to better integrate sustainability criteria in EIB’s overall strategy of operations and thus encourage the involvement of all related decision-makers in this development process. The Center for Sustainability and Excellence has been chosen to assist and guide the EIB in developing, implementing and reporting on relevant Indicators which will measure Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) related performances against predetermined targets. The European Investment Bank is very pleased to have had the fruitful collaboration of CSE putting together this very important project which will further strengthen EIB’s CSR Strategy”.

The CEO of CSE, Nikos Avlonas states,
“It is our great pleasure to announce our second collaboration with the European Investment Bank since 2007. Having been contracted by the leading financial institution in Europe rewards all our efforts for integrating Corporate Responsibility within the organization. Once again EIB has raised the bar of CSR really high and we are proud that we are playing an active role in this initiative.”

About The European Investment Bank, EIB
The European Investment Bank is the leading financial institution of the European Union and established by the Treaty of Rome. The European Investment Bank is composed of Member States participating in the capital.

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